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Press Dies

Precision Terrafirma produces custom air release dies for presses such as the Northstar Tile Press, as well as others upon request. Air release dies allow rapid reproduction of clay pieces from simple tiles to complex parts like the ramekins shown in the picture below.

The air release aspect of our dies allows a very gentle removal of complex shapes. In this picture, the air valve has been turned, dropping the finished part down onto the paddle. This results in little to no deformantion of the part, which will require very little fettleing or other handling.
There is a huge variety of shapes and designs that can be formed by this process, limiting factors include the need to avoid undercut, and the volumetric limits of the press its self. The standard press has a stroke of 12 inches and a pressing area of approximately 5 1/2 inches in diameter. Special needs that exceed these dimentions can be met through custom press modification. It is also worth noting that very fine detail as well as crisp sharp lines can be captured with our dies. Some examples of different parts produced by our dies include both plain and textured tiles, cups, bowls, light switch plates, knobs and handles, and decorative sprigs.